High-dynamic 5-axis monoblock gantry vertical machining centre.
The right combination of strength and stability makes it ideal for high-speed milling and trimming operations on complex three-dimensional shaped parts made of light alloy, resin or composite materials.

Reasons Why

Six reasons to choose Breton Hawx

  • Where others stop, Breton Hawx gives its best. The self-supporting monoblock structure and the bridge-carriage-RAM assembly with a box-in-box architecture have been designed to raise the level of accuracy and repeatability over time while maintaining high acceleration and speed.
    The final result is the creation of a new, clearly superior reference point for machining centres in this category.
    Hornet, the new head developed by Breton for this machining centre, is extremely rigid to ensure greater performances and higher accuracies even on heavier works.

  • Up to 29% more of working area for the same external dimensions.
    Space is a cost and often every centimetre counts. Breton pays great attention to the optimization of the "footprint ratio", the indicator that measures how efficiently space is used in the workshop. Thanks to its ultra-compact design compared to its main competitors, Hawx delivers more machining volume for the same area occupied. In fact, with an external dimension of only 6.300 mm x 3.150 mm, it achieves a working area of 4.200 mm x 2.100 mm with a vertical spindle and 3.780 x 1.680 mm with a 90° spindle. This has been achieved by the optimization of the Box-in-Box structure and of the new Hornet head with its special offset between C axis and spindle axis.

  • Failing to properly manage the dust, chips and liquids generated by various machining operations would increase the risk to the operator, make the working environment unsafe, increase downtime and reduce performance. Hawx has been designed to work both wet and dry to prevent these issues.
    A number of protection devices have been incorporated in order to keep all sensitive parts safe from dust, chips and liquids. The axis guides are well protected by bellows and the mechanisms near the working area are pressurised. In addition, the ceiling bellows keep dust out of the working area and prevents it from reaching the guideways. The Z-axis ball screw is also enclosed and well protected.
    The head, further to the special pressurized labyrinth, features a V-ring scraper to ensure complete protection when machining aggressive and abrasive materials as well as when working with coolant. The tool store is outside the working area to keep the tools protected, only entering for the time needed to change them.

  • Operator safety always comes first. All the active safety typical of high-end category machining centres is now available in this machine range.
    The standard equipment includes a redundant safety system (Safety Integrated), an additional brake on the Z-axis, all servo systems and pneumatic actuators controlled by valves and safety contacts.
    When machining on 2 working areas (pendular), the intermediate partition guarantees total safety to the operator during setup in the idle area, even when the machine is operating in the adjacent area without any risk of impact or chip projection.
    The operator can also enter the machine when the spindle is rotating at low speed and use the handwheel to perform checks and positioning in complete safety.
    Standard Collision Avoidance ECO system to avoid accidental collisions not only in automatic cycles but also during JOG movements (workpart collision monitoring available on request).

  • The aim is to maximize the return on investment by considering the entire life cycle of the machine.
    Starting from the design phase, Breton takes into account the maintenance costs resulting from the adopted technical solutions. This approach has led to select low-consumption ancillary systems and utilities, eliminate the hydraulic plants and to use Murr modular electic connectivities for a considerable reduction of maintenance needs, intervention times and costs. Maintenance costs are reduced through the use of the VCS Rotary package, which checks and, if necessary, self-calibrates the machine without needing the intervention of a specialist. The protection of the servomechanisms by means of bellows and pressurisation increases reliability and extends the life of the components while, for wet solutions, the use of self-cleaning or consumable-free filter systems significantly reduces downtime and additional costs for filter replacement.
    Moreover Hawx features a state-of-the-art set of electric modules to feed back electic power to the grid during axis deceleration thus avoiding any energy waste of braking resistors.

  • For all machining centres, service is a fundamental aspect. Speed of response, technical expertise, prompt intervention and spare parts shipment are elements that distinguish the Breton brand. These services, combined with careful technical choices, such as the use of first-class components and the Teleservice, allow Hawx to achieve the highest availability rates.

Speed is nothing without control

Designed to overcome the most common limits of this product category: reduced robustness and poor repeatability over time.

Thanks to its optimised design, Breton Hawx is not only more rigid and stable, also it provides an excellent footprint-working area ratio.
It can be easily integrated into any workshop, as it is delivered already assembled and tested; it does not require special foundations and has very short commissioning times.

The electro-welded, monolithic, self-supporting structure is the core of the machine, providing strength and allowing an easy handling.
The unique box-in-box architecture provides a significant increase in the rigidity of the bridge-carriage-RAM assembly and it combines with the high strength of the new Hornet head to achieve a significant increase in material removal and accuracy, all with the highest dynamics.
The innovative offset geometry of the head also makes it possible to increase the volume that can be machined and to minimise the external dimensions of the machine, while ensuring better accessibility to the workpiece.

Breton Hawx


  • Aerospace


  • Automotive


  • Naval


  • General



  • Modelling

  • Prototyping

  • Moulds

  • Contouring

  • Thermoforming

  • Tooling

  • Jigs

Hornet, orthogonal head with unique design

Simulation tools and careful design have made it possible to have a double offset of the A-axis with respect to the centre of the RAM, while maintaining the highest level of rigidity and precision. Hornet allows wider parts to be machined with the same X and Y linear travels, whether the tool is in a vertical position or with the A-axis at 90°.
Wide A-axis rotation (-105° +135°) enables undercut machining, reducing the need to reposition the part, which increases accuracy and eliminates the need for a second setup.


  • Hi-speed milling

    Hi-speed milling

  • Monoblock


  • Box-in-box



Breton Hawx Monobloc Structure Breton Hawx Monobloc Structure



Width 7070/9070 mm (278/357 in)
Length 3200 mm (126 in)
Height 5000 mm (197 in)


X axis 4000/6000 mm (157/236 in)
Y axis 1900 mm (75 in)
Z axis 1300 mm (51 in)

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